What are you able to see

By looking at this creature unknown

Can you accept Reality

when missing curiousity errupts comfort-zone


Are you looking at me

Or are you facing your fear

Are you stuck on the surface

Or is it a lie that's pleasing your ear


Is it a demon

Or a piece of Nature expelled

A creature, so vicious,

or maybe misspelled


A heart beats in its chest

Just like in yours aswell

A heart should be blessed

But maybe it's beating the rhythm of hell.





structure structor

corrupt-er coruptor

spell me right

spell me wrong

tell me where

I do belong


raptile faces

wrapped in plastic

plastic dolls

but enthusiastic


fake smiles and plastic chirurgie

I am not perfect but they can make me be


how soft is this skin

how good to modify

how bitter the thruth

how sweet looks the lie


with raptile souls

and hearts like holes

send me to hell

while I scream and yell

while I suffer and cry

your eyes remain dry





Und wenn alles sich auflöst bis zur Unkenntlichkeit

Würdest du nicht sagen, Phantasie ist Unendlichkeit?

Ob unendlichen schön oder unendlich hässlich

Ist es nicht atemberaubend, ist es so grässlich?





If I haven't adapted, how could I be here?

I'd rather talk to your heart, instead of your fear.

Ich bin ein Teil des Ganzen, also teile mit mir

Eine grausame Welt entzwei.

How bitter the truth

How sweet looks the lie.



Check on your judgement.

Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall.

Could be an outdated adjustment.

Denkst du organisch, oder denkst du Metall?






Surreal but

Sure real


We are an accumulation of particles

That need to evolve to not remain barnacle


Connect to create a bigger form

Ego on it's trip might be forlorn







Energy can't be destroyed,

only transformed.







And what does remain

When nothing is left

Does anyone gain

Or is it all just grand theft










Open your mind

To my wonderland

The land of wonder

The yonderland

That space beyonder

Be so kind

There is something extraordinary

I wanna tell you:


Absolem is doing his metamorphosis!

And with him...

Reality. let's follow the white rabbit...


There is a place

Where space and time

Dissolve into imagination I too small?

or am I too big? I too crazy?

or too normal maybe?

...I am nothing special...

...but curious...



Where am I?

Who am I?



What is real and what is fake?

What do I really need to take?


This place is so empty

But full of pain


Our hearts is a planet

They needs to spin


We're longing for space

And freedom within



What is fake and what is real?

What do I really need to feel?



This place is actually full

And full of gain


Our hearts are a space

That expands beneath our skin.

Longing for structure

And chaos within.



My head


My head for everything


Hold your head

To lose your mind


My head


My head for nothing


Hold your mind

To lose your head


My head




But something I honestly wanna tell you:


The more you lose

The more you learn to create

Cause everything and nothing

Are a powerful debate



So better show some


Or I'll give you


a hat, nut

(a head – nut)



So if you want me to

make you


a hat

(a head)



Then better be


And become as


As me...we...


With Love,

It's us,


The Mad-Hatter-Family