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Pictures, consisting of lines, dots, forms which are summs of points. Of wound points. Of pain points. 

Art is born in pain.

Birth is pain. 

Opening the eyes of this body you live in for this world facing gravitiy is pain. 

Pain leads to opened eyes, to opened senses if you do not try to avoid it because you interpret fear in a wrong way. Fear is the Signal of pain. 

If we could avoid gravity, we would. So we try to avoid pain, which is impossible when it comes to life.

Pain is the inverse vector on gravity, conjunction, the spin of life.

Solving the everything into the nothing, binding the nothing into the everything in every direction and the other way around. A round melting to origin.

If the smallest we can visualize is a point , then the point could widen into a circle. 

Both have no beginning and no end. Beginning and end are human creations out of fear, interpreting this signal in a blind way by not looking at it. Stop trying to value or devalue feelings for not having to stop anymore, for being able to grow, for being in flow. Imagine all minds as points in a waving picture, always changing its form. 

Pain is a feeling, feelings are the only thing that are real, for sure. Surreal surrounding point of view in a picutre that can be visualized, seen, sensed and felt. Feelings are the constant of human being, the connection in the solvation. 

Pain gives birth. Birth gives pain. The imagination of beginning and end has been dissolved by sensing the picture of gravitiy and pain.


Solve et coagula.